Rethinking Depression
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Click the banner below before Friday, March 23rd, to be entered in the Rethinking Depression Contest. You could win bestselling author Dr. Eric Maisel’s 8-week Infinite Meaning class (offered through The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living), as well as a complimentary copy of his new book, Rethinking Depression: How to Shed Mental Health Labels and Create Personal Meaning in Your Life — a $110 value.

Three lucky winners, selected by a drawing, will have the opportunity to learn groundbreaking ideas about depression directly from Dr. Maisel, a pioneer in revisioning psychology. An instant classic, his book Rethinking Depression has revolutionized our thinking about how human sadness has been transformed into “the mental disorder of depression.” The course presents groundbreaking ideas from noimetic psychology that have the potential to radically improve your life. It can reduce your experience of sadness and help you live with more power and purpose.

Course Dates & MP3s
The course is immediately downloadable. You can access it as soon as you win.

Who Should Enter?
No one is immune to sadness or “depression” — and virtually no one knows what to do to effectively deal with what can prove to be a disabling emotion and a debilitating mind-set.

Going far beyond the usual remedies offered — antidepressants and psychotherapy — Rethinking Depression presents a complete program for reducing human sadness and living life purposefully and meaningfully. This book can help if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are being treated for depression and want to learn alternative approaches to antidepressants and psychotherapy
  • You sometimes feel blue and want to learn what you can do to feel better during those blue patches — and the rest of the time, too
  • You have always wondered what depression really is and want to finally understand it
  • You spend a lot of time “going through the motions”
  • You experience frequent bouts of boredom and anxiety
  • You procrastinate or find yourself blocked
  • You can’t quite figure out where to invest your time or energy
  • You want to feel more passion and purpose in your life
Anyone who is depressed, who has a loved one who is depressed, who works with clients or patients suffering from depression, who coaches clients on their life challenges, or who wants to make more meaning and increase their energy, passion, and purpose would benefit from reading Rethinking Depression or enrolling in the course.

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